What is powerwalking?


What is powerwalking?


Powerwalking (also known as speed walking) is the perfect sport for anyone looking to start daily physical exercise again. Get yourself a pedometer or a pedometer watch and start walking to oxygenate your body and to tone up your muscles!


Powerwalking, a simple and natural activity


Powerwalking is an activity which requires very little equipment: a pair of sports walking shoes and comfortable clothing are all you need to get going.


This gentle endurance sport suitable for all is ideal for anyone looking to begin or resume physical exercise. An activity with no medical contraindications, powerwalking is a more sporting version of normal walking, at a speed of 6-8 km/h.


A sports activity beneficial to your health


Powerwalking exercises the body, stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the heart muscle (myocardium), but also the muscles in the thighs and buttocks. When practised with sticks, powerwalking also builds muscle in the upper body and abdominal muscles and is then referred to as Nordic walking.


Like all outdoor physical activities, powerwalking helps reduce stress and improves your sleep quality.


Is powerwalking as effective as running?


Powerwalking is gentler than running. Less tiring for your joints, above all it enables you to resume or take up physical activity without too much effort.


You will probably enjoy yourself more initially when taking up powerwalking rather than running. This is a more informal and relaxed activity that allows you to enjoy and admire the surrounding landscape at your leisure while also practising a physical activity.


In order for powerwalking to have an impact on your health, it is vital to practice it regularly: 30 minutes every day, or 1 hour 2 to 3 times a week.


All you need is a pedometer and you're ready to go!


Get a pedometer. This is the ideal instrument for measuring your level of physical activity on a daily basis. This device assesses the number of steps you have covered in real-time. Calculate your physical activity, compare your performance and estimate the speed, the distance covered or the number of calories burned. It's an extremely handy tool for tracking your progress!


The advantage of powerwalking is that it can be practised anywhere. In town, in a park or along country paths, speed walking can be adapted to your preferences and your ideas for the perfect route.


Have you decided to take the plunge? Discover plenty of handy hints and tips about powerwalking from our partner Newfeel.

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